Monday, April 2, 2018

Healing Hands of Hope Colombia Project

As we have mentioned several times, Merchant Processing Solutions Inc. hosts a monthly event called Networking With a Cause. This event typically attracts anywhere from 30 - 60 professionals. All money collected, goes to that non-profit. In 2018, Merchant Processing Solutions Inc decided to support Healing Hands of Hope Colombia. 

Cartagena is the second fastest growing city in the sexual trade of young children in the world after Bangkok. These children are living one of the “World’s worst humanitarian crises” (Unicef Report 2006). Healing Hands of Hope Colombia's goal is to obtain land in the Cartagena area, on which to build small rescue homes with home parents, a school with a library and dining accommodations, recreational facilities, a self-sustaining garden, livestock and the like, in which to raise generations of children in need. Ultimately, this environment will create safe homes for the children, insuring that they are raised in a stable home, with food, clothing, education, psychological counseling and love protecting these children from "sex trafficking". This particular program will also give these women the opportunity to be taught by renown chefs in Cartagena to bake "high-end" products for their restaurants. Teaching the women and paying them for their work helps them provide for their children. The children will then be able to attend school and get an education. Our hope if to stop the cycle of poverty and abuse so prevalent in this region.

Here is Claudia explaining her passion about this project!

Networking Event With a Cause: 

Business Networking With a Cause!
Wednesday April 25th from 6 PM-8 PM
O'Lounge Las Olas 
333 Las Olas Blvd. FT Lauderdale, FL 33301

Business Networking, Business Exchange, Giving back to the local community, meeting 
local nonprofits expanding your network of business and supporting community. 

Business networking with a cause was created to bring awareness and help a local 
charity while meeting for business networking.

Our networking events are filled with dynamic, successful, business people that gather to 
network and benefit causes that create big impact in the lives of many. Last year we help 
many local charities as well as a cause in Latin America, this year our mission is to 
continue to help our local nonprofits as well as more causes in the Americas.

This event is to benefit:  Healing Hands of Hope Colombia & Gilda's Club of South 

We thank our host O'Lounge Las Olas for support our mission! 

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Solution Solvers!

This past week, Merchant Processing Solutions Inc. was asked to help with the merchant services side of a business sale. What does that mean? It means that one business was selling their business to another buyer that had merchant processing intricacies that made it necessary to work delicately through the business sale.
  • They have a website whose gateway needed to have the merchant processing changed on the back-end to the bank account of the new buyer. 
  • They needed to work with the gateway provider to make sure that the previously owned merchant processing "history" was retained in the transfer from the owner to the new owner.
  • We needed to get this all to coincide on closing on these two parties!  
On our side, we were working with the new buyer. We had to get in touch with the current owner to understand their processing set up, gateway and connectors for payment acceptance. Once we understood those needs, we made a proposal to the new buyer for merchant services. They accepted our proposal, we created an application and actually got the new buyer approved within 4 hours! 

We then got all the necessary paperwork in order for their closing. By the time the company had transferred owners, the new processing was in place. This is how Merchant Processing Solutions Inc. works with our merchants. Call us today for help with your business processing - 954-938-2420!

Creating relationships NOT just transactions! 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Merchant Processing Solutions Inc. rolls with our merchant needs!

Merchant Processing Solutions Inc. rolls with our merchant needs! 

Alex Lopez, owner of EZ Print, has been a customer of ours for more than 6 years. About 2 years ago, we heard he was going to be changing his "brick-n'-mortar" business model to an online/delivery model with no walk-in business. We let the dust settle a little and then met with him at his new location to review his current merchant services situation and review his new desired payment acceptance wants and needs. We found out that Alex was using a software program to create invoices to send to his clients, then he key-entered the information into his credit card machine to accept payment. We explained that by key-entering the credit card info into a machine, he was actually being charged more than need be.

We asked him for his wish list for accepting credit cards. We realized he really wanted to only use one software that would create the quotes/invoices, email them out, and allow the merchant to pay for the print job online. Alex said he would then be able to dedicate his time to more networking and selling, instead accepting calls to capture the credit card information live in order to process the payment! Or worse yet, having to chase after non-paying customers!

Merchant Processing Solutions Inc. showed him the best system available for busy business to business professionals like himself. We have since implemented and trained Alex, and his TEAM, on how to use this software to create more efficiencies at lower costs. Alex has been happy with this new method of accepting credit card payments....SEE FOR YOURSELF!

Alex Lopez, Owner of EZ Print

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

We Found Him the Right Solution!

At Merchant Processing Solutions Inc., we don't sell you a terminal or a POS System, we sit, listen and try to understand YOUR BUSINESS and with our knowledge, try to evaluate the best solution for your business in terms of efficiencies and cost effectiveness!

Ray Torres of On Set Media had been struggle with finding the time in his busy day to send out the quotes and invoicing his clients. He also thought that he should be able to find a solution to billing his month to month clients. After spending about an hour understanding his business, Stephanie offered a robust solution to his issues, a USAePay Gateway with Recurring Billing, Virtual Terminal, Invoice Capabilities, Customer Database and history management as well as remote capabilities. The price point was reasonable and our rates were MUCH BETTER than what he was paying through his bank, so he became our merchant.

Today, Ray knows the name, phone numbers and faces of his merchant processing team. If he has any questions, he just calls us! If you do not have that type of relationship with your merchant processing team, please call us for a consultation. 954-938-2420

Ray Torres of On Set Media

Friday, February 23, 2018

Shopping ... REINVENTED! Are you being left behind?

Sam's Club
63 Stores

Today's shopping experience is NOT like your grandparents' or parents' generation! Today we can buy anything with a CLICK on our cellphone or PC! Major retail stores are closing while others are closing down hundreds of locations like the ones shown here. What is happening?

183 Stores

People are simply buying more stuff online than they used to, but what changed?

  1. Online return policies have make online purchases "trustworthy"! There are no RISKS involved in purchasing clothes and other personal items as most online companies have a generous return/refund policy.
  2. It is no longer cumbersome to purchase online with your phone as most reputable companies have developed MOBILE APPS to attract and keep their loyal customers. MOBILE APP purchases are up from 2% (in 2010) to 20% 9 (in 2017).
  3. Most companies have waived or absorbed their shipping and handling fees making most purchases equal in value or less than purchasing from a local store. 
  4. Clothes purchases are the worst for many people. Some love browsing the racks while others, HATE IT! For those people, they can search, order, receive, try-on and return any clothes they do not like for any reason! There is no embarrassing...."madame, can you get me a larger size?"

Less shopping trips! 

Sears and Kmart closing stores in 2018
103 Stores
  1. Purchasers would decide to by a television. They would figure out which stores to visit, get information on the different offerings. They would go home research using magazines or word-of-mouth referrals and then make a second or even third visit to the store. Today, they can do ALL OF THIS ONLINE! There are still those that like to feel and touch, but in many cases they make one trip to a couple of stores and then purchase online for a better price. 
  2. Retail stores have "outpriced" themselves. Needing to pay for retail space, inventory, staffing etc. Just so that someone could touch, feel, smell & taste what they wanted to purchase. And even then, we got a bad product and returns were difficult many times. So instead, I would prefer to order what I normally buy online and go for a bike ride! 
  3. Gap, Banana Republic closing stores in 2018
    The Gap & Banana Republic - 200 Stores
  4. Recently, my husband needed to replace a handle on our van, it is a 2001 Odyssey. Most parts stores do not carry product that old. So, he just went online researched what part he needed got the model # and then checked a couple on places online. It was delivered to the house free of charge! Years before, he would have spent an entire day going to the dealership getting part info then older parts shops and eventually to the junk/salvage yards to see if he could find a 2001 Odyssey door where the handle was still good, pay for someone to remove it, hoping they did not break it, and then hours later come home to install it! Way too difficult! 

 Americans are shifting their spending from materialism to social interaction with family & friends.

  1. Malls were the gather places of the 70's - 2000's. But in more recent years, with public violence on the rise, families are choosing to not be "mall crawlers" and shop for the security of their own homes! 
  2. Driven by Social Media acceptance, today's consumers prefer to spend more time being able to socialize with family & friends over a meal, getaways, vacations, movies, and others entertainment venues.
  3. In 2016, for the first time ever, Americans spent more money in restaurants and bars than at grocery stores. 
               Do you need to REINVENT your business?                
Do you offer a MOBILE APP? 

    Do you make it EASY for people to FIND you and DO business with you? 

Do you need some advice and help getting REINVENTED? 

CALL Merchant Processing Solutions Inc @ 954-938-2420

Monday, February 19, 2018

Introducing our newest partner...

Stephanie Cates became a partner in 2016. She was originally our competitor, when her company merged with another company and laid off more than 500 people! We spoke about working together and decided it would be a great fit! Stephanie has been in the merchant services industry for more than 12 years but her sales skills go back a lot longer than that AND she is BILINGUAL; English & Spanish! 

Stephanie left New York for Mexico City 2 days after graduating from high school. She studied at the University of Mexico. where she met her first husband. She has two children and worked teaching English as a second language to business and government executives. After 10 years there, she decided to move back to the US with her family.

Back in New York, Stephanie used her Spanish Language Skills to teach Spanish and ESL Classes. Unfortunately, teaching did not prove to pay very well. She was prompted by a local Real Estate Broker to get her license. In the first month of sales, she had earned more money than the entire year of teaching! Her passion and aptitude for sales was discovered! Stephanie worked in real estate for more than 13 years winning local and national awards for her sales.

After a divorce, she moved to Colorado Springs.  She continued in real estate and soon became a top producer. But a new marriage made Stephanie decide to no longer work the long hours of a realtor. She decided to work a 9-5 job with AT&T Wireless. Her first day on the job, the Blackberry was introduced! Talk about timing! Stephanie was trained and sold, all the latest communications technology & devices, as they became available. In 2001, Stephanie sold more than 1200+ cellphones making her the top salesperson in the state of Colorado. She was named to President's Club and won a trip to New York City!

After 9+ years in the rapidly changing communications industry, she decided to change pace. A head-hunter saw her resume online and called. She was finally persuaded to enter the merchant processing industry. According to Stephanie, "All I could think was that I knew how to use a credit hard was it to learn the merchant side! Boy, was I wrong!" Stephanie worked for First National Merchant Services, which was bought by TSYS. She worked with them for over 10 years.

When asked what makes her so successful, she says the following:

  1. Listen the customer's needs before your own.
  2. Always explain, its not IF we make a mistake but WHEN we make a mistake and how we handle it, that defines us.
  3. I treat my customers the way I want to be treated. 
  4. I'm local... I never want to hide from someone in the grocery store because I screwed them!
  5. Always do the right thing, even if it means walking away from the deal!
  6. Pay Forward....give others referrals and it will come back to you, in fold! Be a connector! 
  7. Forward Motion; everyday I have a list that I need to follow up with on each customer/lead. 
  8. Remember, they don't hate you, they just don't see VALUE in you.....YET
  9. Surround yourself with a great TEAM...Claudia, Yamilet and Dave, my husband, are the BEST! 
  10. Embrace change.....or be left behind.
Stephanie says she feels so blessed to be a part of this terrific company and great team. She also recognizes that if it were not for those that believed in her and referred her, she would not be where she is today.   To reach Stephanie Cates: 954-938-2420.

Creating Relationships Not Just Transactions! 

Friday, February 9, 2018

"Plastic" may very well become a thing of the past....

Image result for iphone payment images
Add all your credit cards to your cellphone and no need to carry them around! 

In today's new payment world, there are all types of payment acceptance:
  • Terminal swiping or EMV Chip
  • Point of Sale swiping or EMV Chip
  • Mobile payments to a cellphone using a card reader to swipe or an EMV Chip
  • Apple/Samsung Pay TAP
  • TAP using your bank debit or credit cards near a terminal or card reader

The future will bring more of what is termed "Invisible payment experiences". Those experience whereby no physical "plastic" card is required to accept payment:

  • PayPal account payments- save info once and reuse
  • Online payments with "saved credit cards" like on Amazon
  • Mobile payments using a Mobile App
  • Apple/Samsung Pay TAP
  • TAP using your bank debit or credit cards near a terminal or card reader
Europe and Asian have already gone to accepting TAP at vending machines and most stores. Everything else is done via mobile apps even bank to bank payments are now using cellular apps like VENMO and more.

Image result for mobile apps with payment images

If you have NOT sat down with Claudia, Yamilet or Stephanie of Merchant Processing Solutions Inc. this year, to discussed your business and payment acceptance options and future, you could be missing out on some valuable information to help you compete and grow your business. 

Call us today @ 954-938-2420

Monday, February 5, 2018

MPS was the featured speaker @ the Weston Power Lunch!

Merchant Processing Solutions Inc. was asked to speak at the Weston Power Lunch this past Friday. The Weston 
Power Lunch is an "OPEN TO ALL" networking event at Mallardi's Restaurant, the first Friday of each month. Karina Cristancho, Circles Enterprises, created and has hosted this event for the past 10+ years! We wish to thank Karina and her team for allowing us the opportunity to speak before more than 90+ guests! Come join us on March 2, 2018 from 11:30 -1pm, at Mallardi's in Weston.

Yamilet Strauss taking questions from the
audience about merchant processing. 

Stephanie Cates, VP Sales & Marketing, presented some of the new technology offered by MPS. After, Yamilet Strauss fielded questions from the attendees about merchant processing. 

Image may contain: 2 people, indoor
Claudia Mosley spoke about MPS's
non-profit work in Colombia and the US.

Claudia Mosley, CFO of MPS Inc. spoke about our new non-profit venture in Colombia, helping sex-trafficking survivors recover in a safe home, get education & a trade to become self reliant. The attendees generously contributed more than $125 towards this endeavor. 

Justin Nepola & Marty Elberg
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, closeup
Stephanie Cates with Patty Garcia

Great people, great food,
Claudia & Yamilet captured the audience with helping
answers to the many questions asked. 

Monday, January 29, 2018

Ribbon Cutting at our new Offices in Collective Ventures!

Collective Ventures
Downtown Fort Lauderdale

We are proud to announce the opening of our new offices within Collective Ventures in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Collective Ventures is a space shared by innovative companies. These businesses share creative ideas & look to be great referral sources for one another.

Meeting Space

Not only do we have our office their but there are plenty of meeting spaces and a delicious coffee shop to create that warm inviting environment for our clients. Please come by and see us soon!

This past Tuesday, Merchant Processing Solutions Inc. welcomed more than 60 people to it's premier Networking with a Cause event for 2018. We wish to thank everyone that came to view our new offices but also support a great cause!

Great conversation, networking,
food and drink!
Yamilet Strause, CEO of Merchant Processing Solutions Inc.
Claudia Mosley, CFO and director of Helping Hands of Hope. 

After welcoming everyone to our new offices, Yamilet thanked all our wonderful professional partners for their ongoing support of our company and causes. Claudia introduced the director of the nonprofits being honored at the event. Tuesday's event raised money to benefit Prescod Kids & The Healing Hands of Hope. MPS’ s networking events are filled with dynamic, successful, business professionals that gather to network and benefit causes that create big impact in the lives of many. Last year we helped many local charities, as well as a causes in Latin America. This year our mission is to continue to help our local nonprofits as well as more causes in the Americas. Check our website, blog or Facebook page next month for another great event!

If you wish to work with a local merchant processing company that gives back to your community, call us today @ 954-938-2420.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Yamilet Strauss, business woman and industry expert!

Yamilet Strauss (Ramirez) is a pillar of the business community in South Florida. She has been active in the South Florida area since 2001. Not only does Yamilet share in her sister's passion to help the underprivileged children in the United States and Latin America but she has a passion to help and see local businesses succeed and grow!

Yamilet is well know for her vast experience and knowledge in the payments industry. In 2001, she  created and led a very successful national sales team that focused on turn-key electronic payment solutions for quick service restaurants. In 2006, after Yamilet graduated with a MBA in Technology Management and established Merchant Processing Solutions Inc. When asked why, she said, "I created MPS to help business owners, nonprofits and entrepreneurs understand the complexity of the credit card payment industry."

Yamilet Strauss with Scott Newmark, Esq. 
Legal Link - Published on Apr 21, 2016

Yamilet believes that Merchant Processing Solutions Inc. is successful because it fills a unique gap in the marketplace, the company differentiates themselves by bringing an honest approach to the industry without hidden fees, excessive rates, rate increases or overpriced equipment. They also provide first-rate, local and national "personalized" customer service. In addition, their company has demonstrated continued focus on providing answers to their business owners and staff on how to be more efficient, effective and profitable.

Yamilet Strauss (Ramirez) has served as part of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce for almost a decade. She has held several positions on many projects and in different capacities, all with the desire to see the local entrepreneurs and business owners prosper within her business community.

In 2016, Yamilet was honored with the Small Business Person of the Year Award for her outstanding work in the Broward County business community. 

Image may contain: 3 people, people standing and indoor
Panelist for the Information Cyber Crime
101 Seminar at GFLCC

Yamilet has been asked to serve on several boards over the years which include; the Board of the Oakland Park, Wilton Manors, Uptown Council of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce. She also serves as a subject matter expert on panels like Cyber Crime, Fraud and the Merchant Payments Industry.

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing, suit, shoes and indoor
New Chair of the OPWMU, Yamilet Strauss!

Yamilet was asked to server as Chairperson for the OPWMU, Oakland Park Wilton Manors Uptown which helps bring together businesses located within their specific geographic area for the purpose of driving business and development through networking events and leadership on common goals for the area.

She passionately serves on the Board of the Women’s Council of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce. The mission is to empower and unite women while facilitating their professional advancement by fostering meaningful business relationships through events, community outreach, and advocacy.

Yamilet along with her husband, David Strauss are active participants in the Lawyers & Friends monthly luncheon. The event is designed to bring legal and business professionals together in dialog.

Image may contain: 11 people, people smiling, indoor

Hosted by Yamilet Strauss and David A. Strauss

Yamilet and Claudia also created Networking with a Cause, their non-profit organization that gives back to many charities locally and internationally. Through 2017, Networking with a Cause raised more than $18,000. They also implemented the National Giveback Program which helps non-profits recoup some of their merchant processing fees allowing them to keep more of their donations.

All successful businesses need effective leaders. Yamilet has proved herself as a effective business leader; bringing invaluable knowledge not only to our company but to our local industry. She sees and understands the strategic direction that the industry is taking and has poised Merchant Processing Solutions Inc to move forward as the market changes, allowing us to increase our business, stay relevant, and increase loyalty. 

Our CEO, Yamilet Strauss, has led our company to growth, by using her unique industry understanding to reach out to other businesses as a consultant. She unselfishly advises, connects, encourages and nourishing other businesses with her "win-win" strategy via her passionate networking approach. Yamilet Strauss is a true "gem" to our South Florida business community!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

MPS Inc. - Giving Back to the Community, in a BIG WAY!

I would like to introduce, our partner and wonderful human being, Claudia Mosley. For those that do not know Claudia, she is the heart of Merchant Processing Solutions Inc. She has always been involved with helping the community especially when it comes to children. As the mother of four, Claudia understands the difficulties facing today's families, not only here in the United States but  other children's organizations internationally. We are so proud of the work that Merchant Processing Solutions Inc does not only in South Florida but also in Colombia.

America's Planning Giving Foundation

For the past seven years, Claudia has been the heart and soul of Americas Planning Giving (APG) Foundation, a non-profit run by Americas Community Center.

This organization works with childrens's organizations that do not have enough resources to survive and thrive! APG is working to bring education, and other valuable resources to impoverished areas in South Florida and Latin América in order to stop the cycle of poverty and give children a better future. Claudia and Fabio Andrade, CEO of Americas Community Center, along with fellow members have gone to Colombia to lend a hand to these groups.

Claudia addressing families & volunteers in Bogota, Colombia

Highland Food Resources

Over the last year, Claudia has also become Chairman of the Board at Highland Food Resources. Highland Food Resources is providing healthy meals to approximately 13,000+ children in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. The goal of this invaluable program is to ensure that nutritious meals and snacks are served daily and that healthy eating habits are taught in child care settings.

Claudia Mosley & Yamilet Strauss along with many others donating their time to Highland Food Resources

Many Immokalee families left homeless following Hurricane Irma's wrath!

Upon hearing this,Claudia jumped into action after she heard about the devastation left behind after Hurricane Irma to Immokalee, Florida. She personally drove her SUV several times to Immokalee to bring fresh water, food, clothes and other supplies to those in need.

Irma destroyed homes and lives in Immokalee, Florida

A family of four now lives in a tent with minimal resources.

Christmas comes to Immokalee, Florida

Claudia along with several other groups brought much needed supplies to this disseminated area of South Florida. Many people are unaware the Immokalee is mostly an immigrant labor area. Most living there work in the fields which were also destroyed by the storm, leaving most immigrant workers without work or means to support their families! 
Claudia helps Santa distribute Christmas gifts to the children of Immokalee.

Claudia and others prepare meals for distribution.

America's Planned Giving along with Claudia Mosley participated in gift collecting to bring Christmas to the children of Immokalee. Without the generous donations by many people including the members of America's Community Center, most of these families of Immokalee would not have been able to provide any Christmas for these children. After the presents were distributed, the community participated in a hearty meal. 

No matter where the need exists, Claudia along with Yamilet and the rest of Merchant Processing Solutions Inc. will be there to lend a helping hand. 

Can you say that about your merchant processing company? 

Remember....we are about relationships and not just transactions! 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Merchant Processing Solutions Inc.

Merchant Processing Solutions Inc is proud to publish this video brought to you by our wonderful merchants. Happy and satisfied customers are why we do what we do!

Thanks to all of our merchants for a great, successful 2017!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Understanding Virtual Terminals

What is a Virtual Terminal? A Virtual Terminal provides payment acceptance for merchants who key-enter credit cards and/or wish to accept electronic check transactions via direct mail or telephone order (MOTO) sales. Virtual Terminals are one of the most misunderstood and undersold products in the industry!

Recently, I met with a client who NEVER SAW THEIR CUSTOMER FACE TO FACE! But they were leased a credit card terminal and had to key-enter all their transactions driving their credit card rate higher than should have been. You see key-entering credit cards COSTS YOU MORE MONEY! Card Not Present fees (CNP rates and fees) are higher than “swiped" transactions because of the lower risk of fraud. Presumably, swiping a card is proof to the brands, Visa/MasterCard/Discover/American Express and their banks, that the credit card OWNER was physically present at the time of the purchase.

We are constantly asked why are key-entering fees so much higher (about .30% over swiped transactions)? Here are the main reasons:

  • Card owner not present so some 20 year old man is using Mrs. Smith's credit card information he found dumpster diving on a statement.
  • If a customer does a Chargeback and you are key-entering your transactions, the owner of the credit card can claim it was "NOT ME"! You have to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was indeed that customer that used his/her own credit card. You would need a credit card use authorization form sent to the customer and signed along with a copy of a valid driver's license and maybe even more. Please check with your credit card processing for more requirements.
  • Accepting credit cards via email, phone or direct mail can also pose great risks for the merchant. Are these methods safe? Who is accepting that credit card data at the merchant location? Is it being stored anywhere, physically? Is it vulnerable and sitting where others can take is an use it! How well do YOU protect your client's credit card data? 

Let me tell you an actual event: We had a customer that had thousands of dollars of credit cards fees stolen from a credit card GIVEN TO HIS BUSINESS as payment for upcoming work. As a contractor, he had written the credit card information on a payment form and had the customer sign it. He placed the signed form in a folder, he put the folder in his briefcase, the briefcase in his car, drove around a few hours with other business, then onto his desk, in his office, at his house! 

Later that evening, he and his wife went out to dinner leaving a babysitter to watch their children. Little did they know that the babysitter had a boyfriend that came to visit her. In the few moments the babysitter went to check on the children, the boyfriend found the folder on the desk and snapped a picture of the payment form. Within the next 24 hours, this person, unbeknownst to anyone had gone online and bought about $4000 worth of merchandise and had it shipped to various friends houses. Immediately, the owner of the credit card, reported the fraud. And an investigation pursued. They traced back the breach to the contractor whom had neglected to protect his customer's credit card information. He was held liable for not only the $4000 but penalties and breach fees. As you can imagine, he lost that contract as well as many others and is not longer in the contracting business.

Here are the benefits of a Virtual Terminal:

  • Virtual Terminals are excellent for many types of merchants since either the merchant or their employees can key-enter the card info directly into the virtual terminal gateway and immediately send the customer an email receipt. 
  • Each employee can have their own secure login and password to identify who took payments. Great for reporting purposes. 
  • The customer info is also entered into the virtual terminal and the last 4 digits of the credit card. This allows you to create reports, verify payments and amounts.
  • By keeping the customer data and credit card info behind the gateway's secure/encrypted firewall, you can recharge a client if requested by the client without them needing to resend you all their information. 
  • Most Virtual Terminal gateways offer "Recurring Billing" as a payment method option. This allows you to set up a customer on monthly payments until a determined date. The payments can be scheduled for the date agreed upon by both the merchant and the customer. Both the customer and the merchant get receipts emailed to them once that recurring payment has been transmitted- and approved. The merchant- will also get a notification if the card has expired or is declined.

Call Merchant Processing Solutions Inc. today to set up a complimentary consultation about your payment processing methods.  We most likely will not only SAVE YOU MONEY but IMPROVE EFFICIENCIES! 954-938-2420