Monday, July 23, 2018

The difference between retail & MOTO/eCommerce accounts

Claudia Mosley, CFO of Merchant Processing Solutions Inc. 
explains the difference between merchant account types. 

It is important to understand your business model and payment type. Many unscrupulous merchant services companies purposely set up their merchants on the wrong type of account to get more fees from them! SHAMEFUL!!

A Retail Merchant Account is a business that will be processing the majority of their sales with the customer's card present. This can be via a “swipe” transaction or "tap" contactless payment system (like ApplePay). This does not mean that you cannot take the occasional credit card over the phone but if you do, you will pay an additional "card-not-present" penalty of about .30% (30 basis points ) on top of the card rate. This can lead to a lot of extra fees if you are actually taking many cards over the phone!

An eCommerce Merchant Account is a business that will not have the credit card present for the transaction. It will be processed over the phone, on a website, via a software point of sale, an invoice or a mobile app. These transactions do not allow the merchant to verify the identity of the payee, therefore it is more vulnerable to fraud and consequently; chargebacks! However, when this type of account is set up right at the beginning by an honest merchant services company, there are no penalties and the rates are quite competitive with retail rates!

Merchant Processing Solutions Inc. works with not only the business type but looks at the equipment solution the merchant is wanting to implement to come up with the best solution to fit that business's needs and budget! 

If you think you may be paying more for your merchant services or maybe set up incorrectly, please don't wait! Call today: 954-938-2420

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Payment data breaches can affect YOU!

PayPal Says 1.6 Million Customer Details Stolen in Breach

Ticketmaster Announces Data Breach Affecting 5% of All Users Hundreds of 

Hotels Affected by Data Breach at Hotel Booking Software Provider

3 Billion Yahoo Users Breached 

These are just a few of the headlines we saw in 2017. But last year was a record year for data breaches 88% over 2016. ( Some of last year's breaches were only reported last year but in reality done as far back as 2013!!! Why does it take so long for companies to discover and admit to data breaches and how much is this costing us? These are some questions posed Gemalto and what are the consequences imposed on these companies, many like PayPal that have had repeat breach issues! 

So what does this have to do with a small business like YOU....everything! You, like the big companies, are responsible for ALL THE DATA AND CREDIT CARD INFO your company collects; either by phone, Internet, website, in-person or monthly recurring billing. If that data is users fraudulently and it can be traced back to your company, your company and maybe even YOU can be held responsible for all incurred fees and costs of that breach!

How can I avoid a breach, I can't afford it! First, sit with your Merchant Processing Solutions Inc. rep and learn what we do to protect you against fraud and breaches. Secondly, check with ALL your software providers to make sure that you are up-to-date on all security patches that are deemed needed. Third, check your computers, firewall, and Internet provider to make sure they have everything in place to keep your data safe. 

Here are some quick tips: 

1. NEVER store any credit card info on your computers. 
2. NEVER store any credit card info in card files or storage cabinets in the office or elsewhere.
3. DON'T allow your employees to write down credit card information and keep it at their desk. Should they need to write it down, it needs to be shredded before they pick up the next call.
4. NEVER allow your technicians to add the credit card information to their contract and carry that around in their vehicle. 
5. DON'T allow your customers to email you their credit card information. 
6. DO get a secure gateway to accept & store credit card payments.
7. DO integrate your website to a secure gateway to allow your customers to make payments to your company from the privacy of their own home/office without you taking any of their info.
8. ALLOW each of your employees to have a username and password to take payments directly into the gateway and send the client an email receipt without writing anything down or compromising the customer's info.
9. DO equip your technicians with MOBILE CARD READERS to accept credit card payments while on the road. It is more secure and costs less!
10. DO speak with Merchant Processing Solutions Inc. to set you up on the best gateway product for your company....

Most recently, I was told about another type of breach, more common among smaller businesses, employee theft. This company had all their recurring payments in a file in their file cabinet. Once a month, someone would go into the file cabinet and key-enter all the credit cards, print the receipts, mail them to the customers and refile the folder. An employee was unhappy and felt she was going to be fired from the job. She knew no one would go for that file until the beginning of the next month. Using her cellphone camera, she took photos of all the credit card info contained in the company's folder. She then sold the cards on the "black market". Eventually, the credit card company found out what happened but it was too late to save the business. They had lost the trust of the customers, they no longer had cash flow entering the company. They tried to hang on but 4 months later they closed their doors. The moral of the story is that breaches and fraud can happen to ALL SIZE BUSINESSES...DON'T LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU!

Call Merchant Processing Solutions Inc. Today @ 954-938-2420!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Meeting the Needs of Our Customers!

Merchant Processing Solutions Inc. offers a variety of solutions to
meet the different wants and needs of our merchants. 

It is not about what we have in INVENTORY and need to sell/lease/rent but what most fits our merchants needs. We differentiate ourselves from other processors by creating WIN/WIN situations with our clients. Creating not only long-term relationships but also RAVING FANS that are more than happy to send us REFERRALS!! 

Most merchant services companies and agents have to contend with quotas, inflated equipment  pricing and false promises all to cover their paycheck or add revenue to their company or bank! They use contracts and leases with huge buyout fees to hold their merchants HOSTAGE for countless years! Merchant Processing Solutions Inc. does none of that! 

          Here is what makes Merchant Processing Solutions Inc. different:
  • No Contract
  • No Leases
  • Equipment at our cost
  • Interchange Plus Pricing 
  • Solutions that meet your needs....not ours! 
  • Local company that consults, installs, and trains 
  • Local Customer Care plus 24/7/365 backup
  • Experts in E-commerce products and services
  • Ability to place HIGH RISK Merchant Accounts 

Are you looking for an ethical, knowledgeable and reliable LOCAL MERCHANT SERVICES COMPANY.....look no further Merchant Processing Solutions Inc is here for you!

     Call us today: 954-938-2420


Monday, May 21, 2018


             Merchant Processing Solutions Inc. has embarked on a mission to explain to 
merchants: Who We Are & Why We Are Different! 

      1. Local processor making local decisions
      2. No Contract
      3. Equipment at our cost
      4. In-person consultations, install & customer service
      5. Fair & honest rates
      6. Transparency in all our transactions
      7. It's about the merchant attitude! 
      8. Helping obtain the right solution for YOUR BUSINESS! 
      9. Giving back to the Community Local & International
      10. Doing what right....ALL THE TIME! 
If your current processor does not offer the above mentioned, you should be speaking with us!
Merchant Processing Solutions Inc.

Monday, May 14, 2018

The Better Business Bureau of Southeast Florida & the Caribbean is an organization focused on advancing marketplace trust in South Florida and the Caribbean. 
There are more than 3,000 local South Florida businesses that have been successfully vetted to become dues-paying 'accredited businesses' that pledge and adhere to the BBB Code of Business Practices. In return, the BBB allows accredited businesses in good standing to use its trademarked logo in their marketing materials. 
The Better Business Bureau is not affiliated with any governmental agency. Businesses that affiliate with the BBB and adhere to its standards, do so through industry self-regulation.  The BBB also mediates consumer complaints (customers do not have to be BBB Members) lodged against BBB Accredited Members. They offer this service as part of the annual dues Accredited Businesses pay. 
As mentioned in a previous blog, Merchant Processing Solutions, Inc. has an excellent rating of A+ and has only had one compliant, resolved on our favor, since September 30, 2008, when we became an Accredited BBB Business
If you are looking for an honest, ethical and transparent merchant processing company, call: 
Merchant Processing Solutions, Inc. 

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Our Passion for Non-Profits!

We are non-profit specialists! We work with the non-profit merchant differently than regular merchants because of the nature of their transactions. Many merchant services companies see the non-profit as a high-risk account.
The non-profit “business model” is different than the regular businesses, but they still need to find a way to fund their cause! Processors worry about charge-backs and accountability on the part of the non-profit while the non-profit worry about the high cost of accepting credit cards!

If you are part of a non-profit organization, you know how hard it is today to get funding. There are multiple ways a non-profit can accept donations but many just are unaware of them. Merchant Processing Solutions Inc prides itself on knowing, understanding and caring about these groups that are fighting for donations and sponsors! We can offer lower credit card costs and payment acceptance options that would help your organization grow…Call us!

Merchant Processing Solutions Inc.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Merchant Processing Solutions Inc. 

Nominated for 2018 Small Business of the Year! 

Here's Why! 

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Congratulations to Yamilet, Claudia & Stephanie 

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing
Working with business students @ UIC

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting, living room and indoor
MPS Networking with a Cause! 
Image may contain: 13 people, people smiling
America's Planned Giving
Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing
America's Community Center

Image may contain: 13 people, people smiling, people standing and shoes
Helping Hands Foundation 
Image may contain: 4 people, including David A. Strauss and Luz Alvarez, people smiling, people standing and suit
Lawyers & Friends Luncheons
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, indoor
Supporting our merchants! 

Image may contain: 3 people, including Luz Alvarez and David A. Strauss, people smiling, people standing, suit and indoor
Part of Diversity Honors Gala

Image may contain: 4 people, including Sarah J. Fried Strock, people smiling, people standing
Women's Council
Image may contain: 2 people
Helping Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria
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Join our family call 954-938-2420! 

Monday, April 2, 2018

Healing Hands of Hope Colombia Project

As we have mentioned several times, Merchant Processing Solutions Inc. hosts a monthly event called Networking With a Cause. This event typically attracts anywhere from 30 - 60 professionals. All money collected, goes to that non-profit. In 2018, Merchant Processing Solutions Inc decided to support Healing Hands of Hope Colombia. 

Cartagena is the second fastest growing city in the sexual trade of young children in the world after Bangkok. These children are living one of the “World’s worst humanitarian crises” (Unicef Report 2006). Healing Hands of Hope Colombia's goal is to obtain land in the Cartagena area, on which to build small rescue homes with home parents, a school with a library and dining accommodations, recreational facilities, a self-sustaining garden, livestock and the like, in which to raise generations of children in need. Ultimately, this environment will create safe homes for the children, insuring that they are raised in a stable home, with food, clothing, education, psychological counseling and love protecting these children from "sex trafficking". This particular program will also give these women the opportunity to be taught by renown chefs in Cartagena to bake "high-end" products for their restaurants. Teaching the women and paying them for their work helps them provide for their children. The children will then be able to attend school and get an education. Our hope if to stop the cycle of poverty and abuse so prevalent in this region.

Here is Claudia explaining her passion about this project!

Networking Event With a Cause: 

Business Networking With a Cause!
Wednesday April 25th from 6 PM-8 PM
O'Lounge Las Olas 
333 Las Olas Blvd. FT Lauderdale, FL 33301

Business Networking, Business Exchange, Giving back to the local community, meeting 
local nonprofits expanding your network of business and supporting community. 

Business networking with a cause was created to bring awareness and help a local 
charity while meeting for business networking.

Our networking events are filled with dynamic, successful, business people that gather to 
network and benefit causes that create big impact in the lives of many. Last year we help 
many local charities as well as a cause in Latin America, this year our mission is to 
continue to help our local nonprofits as well as more causes in the Americas.

This event is to benefit:  Healing Hands of Hope Colombia & Gilda's Club of South 

We thank our host O'Lounge Las Olas for support our mission! 

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Solution Solvers!

This past week, Merchant Processing Solutions Inc. was asked to help with the merchant services side of a business sale. What does that mean? It means that one business was selling their business to another buyer that had merchant processing intricacies that made it necessary to work delicately through the business sale.
  • They have a website whose gateway needed to have the merchant processing changed on the back-end to the bank account of the new buyer. 
  • They needed to work with the gateway provider to make sure that the previously owned merchant processing "history" was retained in the transfer from the owner to the new owner.
  • We needed to get this all to coincide on closing on these two parties!  
On our side, we were working with the new buyer. We had to get in touch with the current owner to understand their processing set up, gateway and connectors for payment acceptance. Once we understood those needs, we made a proposal to the new buyer for merchant services. They accepted our proposal, we created an application and actually got the new buyer approved within 4 hours! 

We then got all the necessary paperwork in order for their closing. By the time the company had transferred owners, the new processing was in place. This is how Merchant Processing Solutions Inc. works with our merchants. Call us today for help with your business processing - 954-938-2420!

Creating relationships NOT just transactions! 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Merchant Processing Solutions Inc. rolls with our merchant needs!

Merchant Processing Solutions Inc. rolls with our merchant needs! 

Alex Lopez, owner of EZ Print, has been a customer of ours for more than 6 years. About 2 years ago, we heard he was going to be changing his "brick-n'-mortar" business model to an online/delivery model with no walk-in business. We let the dust settle a little and then met with him at his new location to review his current merchant services situation and review his new desired payment acceptance wants and needs. We found out that Alex was using a software program to create invoices to send to his clients, then he key-entered the information into his credit card machine to accept payment. We explained that by key-entering the credit card info into a machine, he was actually being charged more than need be.

We asked him for his wish list for accepting credit cards. We realized he really wanted to only use one software that would create the quotes/invoices, email them out, and allow the merchant to pay for the print job online. Alex said he would then be able to dedicate his time to more networking and selling, instead accepting calls to capture the credit card information live in order to process the payment! Or worse yet, having to chase after non-paying customers!

Merchant Processing Solutions Inc. showed him the best system available for busy business to business professionals like himself. We have since implemented and trained Alex, and his TEAM, on how to use this software to create more efficiencies at lower costs. Alex has been happy with this new method of accepting credit card payments....SEE FOR YOURSELF!

Alex Lopez, Owner of EZ Print

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

We Found Him the Right Solution!

At Merchant Processing Solutions Inc., we don't sell you a terminal or a POS System, we sit, listen and try to understand YOUR BUSINESS and with our knowledge, try to evaluate the best solution for your business in terms of efficiencies and cost effectiveness!

Ray Torres of On Set Media had been struggle with finding the time in his busy day to send out the quotes and invoicing his clients. He also thought that he should be able to find a solution to billing his month to month clients. After spending about an hour understanding his business, Stephanie offered a robust solution to his issues, a USAePay Gateway with Recurring Billing, Virtual Terminal, Invoice Capabilities, Customer Database and history management as well as remote capabilities. The price point was reasonable and our rates were MUCH BETTER than what he was paying through his bank, so he became our merchant.

Today, Ray knows the name, phone numbers and faces of his merchant processing team. If he has any questions, he just calls us! If you do not have that type of relationship with your merchant processing team, please call us for a consultation. 954-938-2420

Ray Torres of On Set Media

Friday, February 23, 2018

Shopping ... REINVENTED! Are you being left behind?

Sam's Club
63 Stores

Today's shopping experience is NOT like your grandparents' or parents' generation! Today we can buy anything with a CLICK on our cellphone or PC! Major retail stores are closing while others are closing down hundreds of locations like the ones shown here. What is happening?

183 Stores

People are simply buying more stuff online than they used to, but what changed?

  1. Online return policies have make online purchases "trustworthy"! There are no RISKS involved in purchasing clothes and other personal items as most online companies have a generous return/refund policy.
  2. It is no longer cumbersome to purchase online with your phone as most reputable companies have developed MOBILE APPS to attract and keep their loyal customers. MOBILE APP purchases are up from 2% (in 2010) to 20% 9 (in 2017).
  3. Most companies have waived or absorbed their shipping and handling fees making most purchases equal in value or less than purchasing from a local store. 
  4. Clothes purchases are the worst for many people. Some love browsing the racks while others, HATE IT! For those people, they can search, order, receive, try-on and return any clothes they do not like for any reason! There is no embarrassing...."madame, can you get me a larger size?"

Less shopping trips! 

Sears and Kmart closing stores in 2018
103 Stores
  1. Purchasers would decide to by a television. They would figure out which stores to visit, get information on the different offerings. They would go home research using magazines or word-of-mouth referrals and then make a second or even third visit to the store. Today, they can do ALL OF THIS ONLINE! There are still those that like to feel and touch, but in many cases they make one trip to a couple of stores and then purchase online for a better price. 
  2. Retail stores have "outpriced" themselves. Needing to pay for retail space, inventory, staffing etc. Just so that someone could touch, feel, smell & taste what they wanted to purchase. And even then, we got a bad product and returns were difficult many times. So instead, I would prefer to order what I normally buy online and go for a bike ride! 
  3. Gap, Banana Republic closing stores in 2018
    The Gap & Banana Republic - 200 Stores
  4. Recently, my husband needed to replace a handle on our van, it is a 2001 Odyssey. Most parts stores do not carry product that old. So, he just went online researched what part he needed got the model # and then checked a couple on places online. It was delivered to the house free of charge! Years before, he would have spent an entire day going to the dealership getting part info then older parts shops and eventually to the junk/salvage yards to see if he could find a 2001 Odyssey door where the handle was still good, pay for someone to remove it, hoping they did not break it, and then hours later come home to install it! Way too difficult! 

 Americans are shifting their spending from materialism to social interaction with family & friends.

  1. Malls were the gather places of the 70's - 2000's. But in more recent years, with public violence on the rise, families are choosing to not be "mall crawlers" and shop for the security of their own homes! 
  2. Driven by Social Media acceptance, today's consumers prefer to spend more time being able to socialize with family & friends over a meal, getaways, vacations, movies, and others entertainment venues.
  3. In 2016, for the first time ever, Americans spent more money in restaurants and bars than at grocery stores. 
               Do you need to REINVENT your business?                
Do you offer a MOBILE APP? 

    Do you make it EASY for people to FIND you and DO business with you? 

Do you need some advice and help getting REINVENTED? 

CALL Merchant Processing Solutions Inc @ 954-938-2420

Monday, February 19, 2018

Introducing our newest partner...

Stephanie Cates became a partner in 2016. She was originally our competitor, when her company merged with another company and laid off more than 500 people! We spoke about working together and decided it would be a great fit! Stephanie has been in the merchant services industry for more than 12 years but her sales skills go back a lot longer than that AND she is BILINGUAL; English & Spanish! 

Stephanie left New York for Mexico City 2 days after graduating from high school. She studied at the University of Mexico. where she met her first husband. She has two children and worked teaching English as a second language to business and government executives. After 10 years there, she decided to move back to the US with her family.

Back in New York, Stephanie used her Spanish Language Skills to teach Spanish and ESL Classes. Unfortunately, teaching did not prove to pay very well. She was prompted by a local Real Estate Broker to get her license. In the first month of sales, she had earned more money than the entire year of teaching! Her passion and aptitude for sales was discovered! Stephanie worked in real estate for more than 13 years winning local and national awards for her sales.

After a divorce, she moved to Colorado Springs.  She continued in real estate and soon became a top producer. But a new marriage made Stephanie decide to no longer work the long hours of a realtor. She decided to work a 9-5 job with AT&T Wireless. Her first day on the job, the Blackberry was introduced! Talk about timing! Stephanie was trained and sold, all the latest communications technology & devices, as they became available. In 2001, Stephanie sold more than 1200+ cellphones making her the top salesperson in the state of Colorado. She was named to President's Club and won a trip to New York City!

After 9+ years in the rapidly changing communications industry, she decided to change pace. A head-hunter saw her resume online and called. She was finally persuaded to enter the merchant processing industry. According to Stephanie, "All I could think was that I knew how to use a credit hard was it to learn the merchant side! Boy, was I wrong!" Stephanie worked for First National Merchant Services, which was bought by TSYS. She worked with them for over 10 years.

When asked what makes her so successful, she says the following:

  1. Listen the customer's needs before your own.
  2. Always explain, its not IF we make a mistake but WHEN we make a mistake and how we handle it, that defines us.
  3. I treat my customers the way I want to be treated. 
  4. I'm local... I never want to hide from someone in the grocery store because I screwed them!
  5. Always do the right thing, even if it means walking away from the deal!
  6. Pay Forward....give others referrals and it will come back to you, in fold! Be a connector! 
  7. Forward Motion; everyday I have a list that I need to follow up with on each customer/lead. 
  8. Remember, they don't hate you, they just don't see VALUE in you.....YET
  9. Surround yourself with a great TEAM...Claudia, Yamilet and Dave, my husband, are the BEST! 
  10. Embrace change.....or be left behind.
Stephanie says she feels so blessed to be a part of this terrific company and great team. She also recognizes that if it were not for those that believed in her and referred her, she would not be where she is today.   To reach Stephanie Cates: 954-938-2420.

Creating Relationships Not Just Transactions!